Skits That Teach About Worship

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Rev. Wayne C. Deloach, Peace Lutheran Church, Dresser, WI

Skits That Teach About Worship (used during Lent, 2003)

The general theme of all 5 skits has to do with worship and each skit lifts up one particular aspect of worship for consideration. Obviously, the skits are meant to be humorous and, while that may not be appropriate in all settings, our people found them to be both great fun and thought provoking. Each skit needs to be "localized" by including names and references that will be meaningful and humorous to those observing. I have also attached the worship bulletin we used for the series so folks can see the order in which they were presented. We used the sermon time on Ash Wednesday to introduce the theme of worship and the skits to the congregation.

Worship Bulletin

We're Off

The Worship Wonder

At The Ball Game

Poor Peter

Worship’s Strongest Link

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