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Rev. Dr. Loretta Kuse, Medford, WI

The Butterfly - A Symbol of New Life

Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly

The change from a larva, a worm like creature, to a lifeless looking chrysalis, to the emergence of a magnificent, winged butterfly has often been used as a symbol of the resurrection.

The butterfly begins as a tiny egg.  From the egg, a larva emerges.  The larva eats and grows and eventually forms a chrysalis.  For days, as it grows,  it remains quiet inside a delicate shell.  Then, it emerges as a fully developed butterfly.  After pumping fluid into its wings, that amazingly different looking insect takes flight.

We are earthbound creatures with limited views of what the future might bring.  Christ promises us a new body which will not know the limitations we have now.  The butterfly symbolizes this change from an earthbound creature into a new form.

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Photography and Text by Rev. Dr. Loretta Kuse


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