What One Kid Can Do

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What One Kid Can Do!

Forrest has been raising money for causes since first grade. For the last few years his driving concern has been hunger and children's issues. He insists on putting together as many Christmas child boxes as he is able. He says, "All I can think about is a long line of children with nothing but hope and the Chrstmas boxes running out before all the children have one." Forrest's gifts and his anguish both stem from his amazing ability to imagine. He often writes letters to our representatives supporting forgivenss of debt (for struggling countries) and in support of education, health and hunger issues.

Forrest raises pumpkins every year and gives them away to classmates, friends, and fellow choir membes. This year he took them down to our Farmer's market in hopes of earning money for the Stand With Africa relief effort. Two hours in the cold and rain and he had earned $5.00. He decided to take his efforts to church the next day and see if they would let him ask for donations. Great success! He had the right idea that his church would support his efforts. He still had enough pumpkins left over to give one to every classmate, (and an extra if they had a little brother or sister), all our trick or treaters, anyone who stopped by our house, relatives, friends, neighbors, school secretaries, art teachers, and his violin professor. What a bounty!

(And what a wonderful example of what one person can do and how many people will be impacted and influenced by that effort! Keep up the great work Forrest!)


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