Prepare to Invite - The Visitor's Perspective

Contributed by:

Dr. Bob Dealey, Maryville, IL

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I. Prepare to Invite

Picture in your mind someone who has never been to your church building. Describe the type of person who would intentionally seek out the ministry programs/services of your congregation.

1. What is he or she like? Describe this person’s personal characteristics (e.g. age, gender, race, marital status, etc.).

2. What are this person’s needs? What are the motivating forces in his or her life? For what are they looking?

3. How would this person know that your congregation exists?

4. Why would this person choose to come to your fellowship?

5. What feelings, worries, concerns or issues would this person have?

6. What can your congregation do to alleviate or eliminate the visitor’s concerns?7. How can your congregation become more "visitor friendly?"

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