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Noah - Hi, I'm Noah. Before God sent the big flood he chose me to save a pair of each of the animals. I saved them by taking them on this big ark with me. god had a plan that people should have dominion over the animals (that means take care of them) and the animals would provide labor, food and clothing for the people.

#1 - Hi Noah, I'm glad you saved the animals. My family doesn't have much money or land but if you have some rabbits they could stay in cages and live on grass and keep people from starving.

Noah - Oh, do I have rabbits! I took a pair on the Ark but I've got lots now. Here take these.

#1 - Thanks, Noah, for sharing.

#2 - I live in cold, rocky mountains. If we had some sheep we could use the wool to make clothes and blankets to keep us warm. the extra wool we could sell. did you save any sheep, Noah?

Noah - I sure did. Here are some sheep. They take a lot of care but they will provide good things for you.

#2 - Thank you!

#3 - My family used to raise bees. Do you think we could tend bee hives again?

Noah - What a good idea! The bees will make nutritious honey for you and plenty to share.

#3 - Thank you. Now I'll learn to manage the bees safely and soon we'll enjoy the sweet fresh honey.

#4 - A neighboring community built a pond and raised fish. Fish eat almost anything and grow fast so people soon had a source of protein in their diet. Can we raise fish too?

Noah - That's a great way to raise food. Here take these to get started.

#4 - Thank you.

#5 - I've heard you even have cows. Cows are so special because they can give 5 or more gallons of milk a day plus they provide meat to eat and leather for clothing. That would be a very big gift.

Noah - Yes, a cow is a special gift. You must learn to care for it properly and yo must give the first female calf to another needy family.

#5 - I promise to do that. Thank you for caring about us and providing animals to improve our lives.


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