Diapers from T-Shirts

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Diapers from T-Shirts: a project for children in need in Honduras


  • T-shirts should be 50%-100% cotton, size large or larger
  • They can be new or slightly used, and any color
  1. Lay T-shirt on cutting grid mat.
  2. Cut off hem.
  3. cut off under sleeves. (You shuld have a piece measuring about 16" from under the arm to the hem)
  4. Cut up front of shirt.
  5. Cut off excess fabric so piece masures 38" x 16"

(If there is a design on the shirt, fold so design is on the inside)

6. Measuring from the left, fold 12" of material to the __25" mark
7. Measuring from the right, fold 12" of material to 1" __from the left fld to create a 13" x 16" piece.
8. Fold under so raw seam won't show. Zigzag this __seam.
9. Zigag where the three thicknesses meet on the right.
10. Surge top and bottom.

Finished diaper is 13" x 16".

T-shirts or diapers can be brought to:

  • Kathe Peterson, Northeastern Minnesota Synod, 1105 East Superior St., Duluth, MN, kathe.peterson@ecunet.org




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