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OSL's Silly Olympics
March 17, 2002

Now that we've enjoyed the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, come to OSL's Family/Congregation Night and participate in the OSL Silly Olympics!

Choose your team!

Teams can be made up of as many people as you'd like.
A variety of ages would be to your benefit - young and young at heart.
Skill is determined by the amount of enthusiasm and creativity on your team.
Teams are allowed to practice and plan strategy anytime before March 17th.

Teams MUST BE REGISTERED, by name and number of participants, on the Youth Bulletin Board before noon March 17 - NO EXCEPTIONS!


House of Cards
This is a team event. Any number of team members may participate. Use standard playing cards. Each completed level of the house (one card is flat on the top) is counted. The cards can be put on ends or sides at each level.

Coin Catching
Each team is represented by one Olympian. Take your hand, and place it palm upwards on your shoulder. Your elbow should now be pointing out in front of you. Take a pile of pennies and place them on the end of your elbow (you will find a nice flat spot there). Pull your elbow down quickly, your hand over the top and grab the coins in your hand. Your score is equal to the number of coins you catch. (Note: the coins can be piled in more than one pile on your elbow.)

Push a Matchbox
This is an individual, timed event. An empty matchbox is placed on a 20m track. The Olympian lines up at the start, with hands on the floor, nose on the matchbox on the floor. The matchbox is pushed with the nose to the finish line. Contestants are disqualified if they touch the box with anything other than their nose.

Licorice Lace Race
Two Olympians from each team stand facing each other with one end of a licorice lace in their mouth. On the "go" signal, the teams begin eating the licorice. The goal is to be the first team to get all the licorice and marshmallow (at the center of the lace) in their mouths.

Stand on a Box
This is a timed race. Eight members of each team try to stand on a wooden box. Only one foot can be used by each Olympian. The team that is able to remain upright and standing on the box for the longest time wins!

Jello Eating
One Olympian from each team eats all the jello in the bowl. No hands are allowed.

Burp Contest
Each team chooses a representative who has the loudest and longest burp. Decision of the judges is final.

Air Band
Entertain the other teams with your favorite music (of course, your selection will contain appropriate lyrics). The judges will determine the winners. Teams will be judged on the number of people involved, costuming, choreography, and enthusiasm.

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