Children's Sermon: Meaning of Lent

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Children's Sermon: Meaning of Lent
Can anyone tell me where to find the word "Christmas" in the Bible? Probably not, because the word is nowhere to be found in that book. Well, how about the word "Easter?" Surely that word is somewhere in Holy Scriptures. Try as you might, you won't find that word in the Bible either.

Now we are in the church season of Lent. Do you think "Lent" can be found in the Bible? Isn't that interesting, none of these three words can be found in God's word, because they are words which have been used in the Church to mark our days of celebration and our days of preparation for Easter, and they call came into use after the Bible was written.

The word "Lent" comes from an Old English word which simply means "long." And do you think you might know why we use this word to speak of our period of preparation for Easter? I'll tell you. If you notice, Lent always comes during that time of the year when the days are getting longer and we are seeing more and more sunshine. And that's what lent is supposed to do for us - to shed more and more light in our lives so that the darkness disappears.

Lent has 40 days, not counting Sundays (Sundays are always a mini-celebration of Easter, and very seldom do we let anything interfere with our celebration of Easter each week), but it hasn't always been 40 days. The Church has changed it so it will be the same length as the days Jesus spent in the wilderness where he fasted and was tempted by the devil at the beginning of his public ministry.


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