Centennial New Years Celebration

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Centennial New Years Celebration

December 31st, 1998

11:00 pm

As we begin the year of 1999 we look back. First of all we look back to the wonderful gift of a Savior. Then we look back 100 years ago to the ones who in faith toward that Savior founded our community of faith. We celebrate the rich history of faith found in the three community churches and our mutual faith in one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Founded on that faith in a living Lord we move forward into the new year following our Lord wherever he leads. God bless us in our journey of faith in 1999.



Great is Thy Faithfulness

WOV 771

Litany For a New Century of Faith

Leader: O Triune God, grant us your gracious, guiding presence as we prepare to cross into this new century of Faith. As we join Christians of every time who have awaited Jesus return, lead us into this new time, confident that your promises will be fulfilled. Hear us, O God.

People: Your mercy is great.

Leader: Creator God, whose mission is always to save, redeem, restore and renew your creation, come among us. Stir our missionary zeal in this new century of Faiththat we may boldly make Christ known throughout the world. Hear us, O God.

People: Your mercy is great.

Leader: Spirit of Truth, call us to repentance. Forgive us for past unfaithfulness, silence in the face of injustice and inaction amid suffering. Move us from the desire to hoard wealth toward faithful stewardship. Help us to share your gifts with those who cry out for daily bread. Hear us, O God.

People: Your mercy is great.

Leader: Prince of Peace, healer and reconciler, heal the divisions in your Church and among the peoples of the world. As you prayed that we should all be one, give us new visions to enable that unity. Be with us on our journey, and with those sisters and brothers who surround us in the great cloud of witnesses. Hear us, O God.

People: Your mercy is great.

Leader: God of all ages, release us from fear. Lead us forward, even as you have led your Church forward from an empty cross and tomb through 20 centuries. Be our companion as we walk unexplored paths into an unknown future. Open us to new possibilities. Renew our hope. Grant us faith to move ahead. Be our companion until Jesus comes again. In his name we pray.

People: Amen.


Blessed Assurance

WOV 699

First Reading

Genesis 1:1-5


Amazing Grace

LBW 448

Second Reading

John 1:1-5


At the Lord's Table


Third Reading

Psalm 121


How Great Thou Art

LBW 532



O God Our Help in Ages Past

LBW 320

Prayers of the People


When Peace Like a River

LBW 346

Fourth Reading

Isaiah 43:1-5


Precious Lord Take My Hand

WOV 731

Fifth Reading

Revelation 22:12-17


Thanks to You, O God We Give



Ringing of the Bells

Reading of the Names on the Charter

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