Rite of Beginning

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(This Rite may be used for Lay School of Ministries, Lay School of Theologies, or any other intentional life-long learning programs synods might have established. This rite may follow the Hymn of the Day and Creed)

Rite of Beginning

(Name), you are embarking on a two-year course of study in the Lay School of Ministry of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin. The Lay School of Ministry was established to prepare theologically articulate lay persons for ministry and service in the church and in the world. This process of preparation intends to draw upon the resources and partnership existing between our Synod, this congregation and the Lay School.

Will you be diligent in your study and faithful in your use of the means of grace and in prayer?


Will you trust in God's care, seek to grow in love, strive for excellence in your skills, and adorn the Gospel of God with a godly life?


(To the congregation) Will you encourage, support and pray for (name) during this time of study and formation for service in the church and in the world?


Let us pray. Gracious Father, you call all your baptized people to service in the Church and in the world. Grant (name) grace and strength that she/he may study diligently and serve you faithfully to the glory of your name; through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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