A Blessing Service
For Quilts, Sewing, Health and School Kits

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A Blessing Service for Quilts, Sewing, Health and School Kits

Leader: The materials we dedicate today are representative of the many items which you as members have put together over the last year. We commend the women of our church who so faithfully have met together to make these beautiful quilts. We thank you for their devoted service. We praise you for the children and others of our family of God, who through their efforts have gathered items to assemble these kits. We pray that they will continue to use their talents to create beautiful messages of love to the people in your world who may be desperately seeking your word of grace and comfort. To you renew our Christian promise to help those in need--to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, comfort the weary and outcast, welcome the stranger and be a loving neighbor to all the people of the earth.

A Woman of the ELCA member presents a quilt.

L: Let us pray, Almighty God it is your will to bring comfort and help to the distressed. Bless these quilts wherever they may be used, that they may provide warmth and security to those who have experienced tragedy or who have no other shelter. May all who receive these quilts also experience the covering of your love and forgiveness. May they also encounter your grace and peace and so learn of the joy of life in Christ.

A child presents a school kit.

L: Let us pray. Gracious Lord, you have taught us your truth through your Son, Jesus Christ. Bless these school kits wherever they may be sent, that those who use them may grow in knowledge and in skill. As they receive their education, make it possible for these students to build talents for themselves and for the families they will help to support. Give them a sense of your will in their lives as they continue to learn of your love for them.

A Woman of the ELCA member presents a layette.

L: Let us pray. Creator Lord, you have given us the gift of children. Bless these layettes that whoever may receive them may celebrate the joy of the new life which was brought in to your world. May they welcome their new life into their arms and homes. We pray that the child will be welcomed with love and wrapped in the knowledge that you are their creator. We pray that these families will be blessed and come to know you as their Lord and Savior.

A youth member presents a health kit.

L: Let us pray. Gracious Lord, Master Physician, you have said that you "came that we may have life, and have it abundantly". By the power of your Holy Spirit, bring healing and strength to those who are ill. Bless these health kits that those who receive them will know the cleansing power of your love and grace. Let your healing mercy allow them to return to their homes cleansed and whole. Let them know that your love reigns in their lives.

A Woman of the ELCA member presents a sewing kit.

L: Let us pray. Lord God, you brought grace and forgiveness to Adam and Eve by replacing their fig leaf covers with garments of skin. Bless these sewing kits that all who receive them may find warmth and comfort. May they also experience the knowledge that you have covered them through the blood of Jesus our Savior. Bless us your servants, Lord; those who brought these gifts to you and those who have labored in love to create them. So inspire us in our service to others that more and more may see and experience your loving, caring hand in their lives. We ask that you bless the fruits of our labor and the whole work of Lutheran World Relief, that together we may minister to your world in need. In your gracious name we pray, Amen

Adapted by Eleanor Johnson from a service by Daniel Bowman, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Goodland, Kansas


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