Prayers for Rural Life

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Eastern North Dakota Synod

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Rev. Roger Johnson

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 Prayers for Rural Life

The following prayers are for small town communities and rural life. They are written by members of our synods Rural Faith and Life Task Force and the Hunger and Justice Committee. Our goal is to keep the concerns and reality of rural and small town life before us.

Prayer for 4th Sunday in Lent

Gracious Father, with open arms you welcome us as we return to you. May your mercy and love, extended to us when we do not deserve it, so become a part of our being that we would open our arms to those who have hurt us. Amen

Prayer for 5th Sunday in Lent

Dearest Jesus, you are the cornerstone upon which all of life is built. By your presence you provide strength and guidance for all people. Enable us to build our lives upon your life and to live under the shadow of the cross always. Amen

Prayer for Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday

Loving Lord, people celebrated your coming into their lives, but quickly rejected you. Continue your walk to the cross, even when we do not always follow you. Be with those who live under oppression which the cross brings to life, granting each of us the strength to be faithful to you. Amen.

Prayer for Maunday Thursday

Lamb of God, by the giving of yourself we have life. As we share your body and blood this day, may we be strengthened in your hope and empowered in our servant hood to all people.Thank you for this gracious meal. Amen

Prayer for Good Friday

Heavenly father, your gave your Son as a sacrifice for our sins. As we view the cross, may that message of your great gift of grace so strike our hearts that we might know that there is nothing which can separate us from your love in Jesus Christ. Help us to reflect daily upon the depth of your commitment to us, and to live our lives accordingly.

Prayer for the Resurrection of Our Lord

Victorious Lord, you have overcome all obstacles which life places before us. Remove the stone from our eyes to see the hope which you have given. Enable us to see not the darkness of each day, but to envision the newness of what life can bring. And then, grant us the courage to follow you into tomorrow. Amen

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