An Examination of Conscience Based on Faith Practices

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The Lutheran Church of the Covenant

An Examination of Conscience Based on the Faith Practices


  • Is my heart set on God, so that I really love God above all things?
  • Am I faithful to God’s commands as a child loves their parent?
  • Do I put my concerns about the things of this world ahead of God?
  • Do I keep Sundays, Festivals (Ascension), Days of Special devotion (Ash Wednesday) and other services of the Church by taking a full part with attention and devotion in the liturgy?
  • Do I come seeking to meet God through the Word and holy Sacrament?
  • Do I join in the prayer and praise of God without holding back?
  • Do I let my own likes and dislikes interfere in my participation during corporate worship?
  • Have I worshiped false gods by superstition, elitism, occult practices, arrogance or in other ways?
  • Am I an active participant in worship, offering my gifts and talents for the good of all?


  • Do I pray morning and evening?
  • Do I pray the Lord’ s Prayer thoughtfully?
  • When I pray do I really raise my mind and heart to God?
  • Do I offer God my difficulties, my joys, and my sorrows?
  • Do I turn to God in time of temptation?
  • Do I pray for others’ needs, both immediate friends and those around the world?
  • Do I pray for Covenant and my brothers’ and sisters’ needs here?
  • Do I always give God thanks?
  • Have I prayed for the unity of the Church and the spread of the Gospel?
  • Have I prayed for peace and justice and those who wield political power?


  • Is my faith in Christ Jesus firm?
  • Am I wholehearted in receiving the Apostolic faith?
  • Have I been careful to grow in my understanding of the Faith, to hear God’s Word in daily Bible reading, to listen to instruction in the Faith?
  • Do I read other books about Christian faith?
  • Do I take part in Sunday School and other Bible study opportunities?
  • Do I take time to pray the Scriptures, meditating on God’s Word to me?


  • Have I a genuine love for my neighbor?
  • Am I involved in some direct ministry to others? (Tutoring, Meals on Wheels, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Sunday School teaching, Hunger Center, etc.)
  • Have I done my work as a service to others?
  • Have I been just and honest?
  • Have I injured others by deceit, calumny, detraction, rash judgment or violation of a secret?
  • Am I conscientious in voting?
  • Do I pay taxes with a clean heart?
  • Have I been faithful to my promises and contracts?


  • Have I always been ready to share my hope in Christ with others?
  • Do I look for opportunities to invite others?
  • Am I strong and fearless in professing my faith in God and the Church?
  • Have I been willing to be known as a Christian in private and public life?
  • Have I tried to overcome estrangement from others and been ready to ask for and offer forgiveness?
  • Have I prayed regularly for those who struggle with faith?
  • Have I tried to help them find true answers to their questions about God?


  • Do I share my possessions with the less fortunate?
  • Do I do my best to help victims of oppression, misfortune and poverty?
  • Do I look down on my neighbor, especially the poor, the sick, the elderly, strangers or people of other races or ethnic groups?
  • Do I “seek first the Kingdom of heaven” by giving my offerings off the top and not from what is left over?
  • Have I made a commitment to give and prayed for God’s guidance in the amount?
  • Have I succumbed to debt for non-essentials?
  • Have I been unwilling to put off purchasing things I want which I cannot afford?
  • Have I made money a false god by putting my trust and hope for security in it?
  • In Marriage, have I been faithful in being open and sharing myself completely with my spouse?
  • Have I been chaste?
  • Have I fulfilled family responsibilities: caring for the needs of parents, children and others to the best of my wisdom and ability?
  • Do I contribute to the waste of the world’s resources through selfishness?


  • Have I wanted others’ good?
  • Have I allowed pride, self-centeredness, and my own worries keep me from concern for others?)
  • Have I listened to others’ problems, encouraged and prayed with and for them?
  • Have I been quick to forgive others and not hold their actions against them?
  • Have I tried to share insights about others in a way that builds them up and gives them hope?
  • Have I thanked others for the good they do which has benefitted me?

The above are intended as a starting point for your own reflection. One might also consider the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and other Bible passages.


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