Stewardship Training

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NW Synod of Wisconsin Resource Center (715) 833-1153

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Zion Lutheran Church, Stratford, WI, Pastor Sue Eidahl


Click on this link to download an example of a great PowerPoint presentation which can be adapted for use as a training guide for your church leaders to equip them to become leaders in your stewardship efforts. The file size is 395K.

Stewardship Training

If you would like to adapt this presentation for your own use you are welcome to do so. When this file is downloaded on a Macintosh it will automatically be saved on your Desktop. If you are using a PC follow these procedures to save the file to your hard drive. As soon as the file is downloaded, before you start viewing the slides, click on the the File menu and choose Save As to save the file in the folder of your choice.


Or download the presentation as a self-running QuickTime Movie. File size is 2.8M.

Stewardship Training Movie


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