Heifer Project Promotes Giving

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Contributed by: Lisa Ruehlow of Chetek Lutheran Church, Chetek, WI

Our synod sends out a "Byte of Synod news" by email each week. Here is a copy of the byte which promoted the Heifer Project International.


Over one billion people will go to bed hungry tonight. With more than 50 years experience, Heifer Project has a proven approach to helping people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. Heifer Project animals(and training in their care) offer hungry families around the world a way to feed themselves and become self-reliant. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with a living gift. This is an alternative way for you to shop for friends and family - while helping to end world hunger. Shoppers "buy" an animal in honor of a friend or relative and send the recipient an attractive card describing the gift of hope being given in his or her name.

Contact Heifer Project International, PO Box 8058, Little Rock AR/USA 72203, Telephone 800-422-0474,
E-mail: info@heifer.org

My Family's Heifer Project

I was happy to see this byte of synod news about Heifer Project. I had requested information from Heifer Project and our daughters chose a gift they'd like to give this Christmas. They are putting part of their allowance into a "cow" shaped bank for this purpose. As they put in their coins, I match one-for-one whatever they choose to put in so that they see my support and so we can reach their goal of giving a share of one goat this year.

I'm proud of their giving of their allowance (spending) money (this is in addition to their weekly offering from their allowance) and so happy to open their eyes to the joy of helping others through this wonderful program.

Heifer Project truly is a gift that keeps on giving!


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