Coin Funnel for World Hunger

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First Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI

Coin Funnel for World Hunger

Your change can CHANGE the life of a child
in Malawi.

Here's an idea that has worked well at First Lutheran for collecting coins for the Synod Assembly World Hunger/Malawi Famine Relief effort.

We borrowed a "Coin Tornado," one of those "things" onto which you drop a coin so that the coin rolls around and around and around as it descends down a funnel, from a local Kiwanis Club and placed it in the narthex. Young and old are having great fun emptying their pockets. An additional feature of the Coin Tornado is that the opening at the bottom o the funnel can accommodate cash and checks!

Thus far, we've raised about $800 and we still have six weeks to go until the Assembly! The map of Malawi behind the funnel displays our progress and our goal of $2500.

If you are looking for a Well for your church, go to www. or call 1-937-384-0003



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