Hunger Jars

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Hunger Jars

Our Hunger Jars are in reality two large pickle jars that we use the first Sunday of the month to collect dollars and coins for World Hunger, during the offering the Sunday School kids are roaming the isles looking for people holding up dollars. There occurs a wonderful interaction as a smiling young person comes and greets you and then runs off to deposit the offering in the jars. Several older members have told us of stopping on the way to church to change their tens and twenties into fives and ones in order to give to a number of children during the collection time.

This ritual is practical. It keeps the issue of hunger before our congregation. It gives young people a chance to move around and participate in worship. The smiles and touch of young people do wonders for our older members.

Since we have begun this practice our World Hunger giving has increased more than one hundred fold in terms of how many different people in our parish participate in world hunger giving.

The really subversive thing about the process is all the joy and fun that so many young saints are having as they collect and give money away. Who knows what kind of givers they will be twenty years from now?


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