Stand With Africa Card

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First Lutheran, Eau Claire, WI

The Social Action Committee at First Lutheran purchased bottlecap lapel pins from the ELCA World Hunger Appeal (800.638.3522, ext. 2764). The pins come attached to a colorful information card. Members of the group who had rubber stamping and scrapbook equipment punched a hole large enough for the pin to stick through to the front of the card. For a Valentine's Day card they stamped hearts on greeting card-sized red cardstock. They are selling the greeting cards during a publicity effort to raise awareness for the Stand With Africa campaign. They plan to customize their cards during the different seasons of the year.

Stamped card with hole punched in front cover

LWF bottlecap lapel pin on card

Completed card with information card folded over top of greeting card and bottlecap pin appearing in cut-out.


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