Piggy Banks

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First Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI

Piggy Banks!

At every activity or event where refreshments or meals are served, First Lutheran puts piggy banks on every table--and we do mean every food-related gathering:  potlucks, Confirmation suppers, funeral luncheons, coffee hours after worship, pizza parties, Bible studies, Lenten soup and bread meals, youth pancake breakfasts, etc.

As part of each gathering, something like the following is announced:  "We have the luxury of food and drink whenever we choose to have it.  Others are less fortunate. Therefore, contribute generously to the piggy banks and help with the cause of hunger."

As coins and dollar bills are gradually collected, we receive around $2000 annually to be given to hunger concerns via the piggy banks.  The piggy banks nicely supplement other hunger-related offerings and projects that we do throughout the year.  This is a simple but effective idea that holds hunger concern before the congregation on an ongoing basis.


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