Meet Rocky and the Incredible Hunger-Fighting Silk Worm

From the Open Files of: NW Synod of Wisconsin Resource Center (715)833-1153
Contributed by: New Hope Lutheran Church, Sand Creek, WI

The video Meet Rocky and the Incredible Hunger-fighting Silk Worm was used in the Sunday School at Sand Creek for all classes through grade 6. At Pine Creek it was shown to all classes, through grade 8. It held the attention of all including the teachers.

I used the poster with map that comes with the Open A World of Possibility, 2000-2001 World Hunger Project: Bangladesh material to introduce the video and to show them where the country of Bangladesh is.


After the video we gathered together to make quilt squares for a world hunger quilt.

The younger children drew their faces and the older ones created squares around the theme of world hunger.

We had symbols, pictures, etc. available to give them ideas.

Try to remember to take a picture of this when it is completed!

[ Big Picture! Be Patient! ]

We also handed out the World Hunger coin boxes and asked them to bring them back on the Wednesday evening Thanksgiving service or to Sunday School the Sunday before. They are encouraged to pray the prayer on the box and to participate with their families in our 25 days of Hunger Awareness. A 25 Days of Hunger Calendar went to every home in the November newsletter.

We also showed them and told them the story of the bottle cap pins that are available from LWR. We have these pinned on a banner and they are asked to make a donation to LWR and to take a pin and wear it so they can pass on the story to others.

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