Wisconsin Deer Donation 2001

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Wisconsin Deer Donation 2001

Are you a deer hunter? Is there someone in your congregation who is? Will you be hunting in a "Zone T" area? This is the second year for a new program in the state of Wisconsin that can help feed the hungry right in your own community. Every year there are hunters who are fortunate enough to bag one or more deer but who do not have use for all the meat. Now, through a program of the Wisconsin DNR with the cooperation of groups like Hunters Against Hunger and Hunt for the Hungry, you can donate all or part of your deer to be given away at local food pantries.

Deer must be harvested legally during any hunting season (before December 31, 2001), must be field dressed and registered at a Wisconsin DNR registration station. Then, the hunter may call a participating venison processing facility to ensure that the processor is able to accept the hunter's deer, and sign a log-in sheet at the processing facility. The entire deer must be donated to receive free processing; if the hunter wishes to contribute only a portion of the deer, processing fees are then his or her responsibility. (Only meat processed at participating processing facilities is eligible. After the meat is processed, it is delivered to local food pantries by volunteers. Funds for processing come from organizations like Hunters Against Hunger, who in turn accept monetary donations for this purpose.

A complete list of participating processors (by county) can be found at the Wisconsin DNR web site at: www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/wildlife/damage/donation

This is a great program to help feed hungry people in our own communities. Let's get the word out!


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