Heal with a Meal

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Heal With a Meal
Pr. Thomas Bryan

As I reflect upon the life and ministry of Jesus and the early church as they are described in scripture, it becomes apparent that one of the distinctive marks of followers of Christ was the way they cared for one another. Jesus took care of his friends spiritually but also physically. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. Feeding and healing often go hand-in-hand. It is impossible to get well if one is not fed.

A meal is one of the most gracious gifts that can be given to a family in crisis; I know this from first-hand experience. When a family member is hospitalized or dies, mealtime is the first thing to be disrupted. There is either no time to cook or very little inclination to prepare a meal. When my wife Audrey was seriously ill, the meals prepared by members of St. John's were vital. They took the pressure off thinking about cooking and allowed our family to focus where we needed to focus.

It was during Audrey's illness that some of the Befrienders began to explore the possibility of furnishing meals for other members of St. John's who were going through troubled times. My response: Excellent idea! So, "Heal with a Meal" began to take shape as an ongoing ministry.

The program is not in any way intended to replace efforts on the part of other family members or neighbors as they respond to people in need. It is intended to insure that the hurting are cared for in this very helpful and loving way.

Before this ministry can happen, the Befrienders need your help. Would you be willing to cook a meal for another individual or family every once in a while? If so, we need to know. Would you be willing to cook if somebody else would do the delivering? Or would you be willing to deliver if someone else did the cooking?

Printed below is a simple little form that you can fill in and return to the office (or drop in the offering plate). Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated by all who receive your special gift.
Yes! I want to help "Heal with A Meal"
_____ Cook meals
_____ Deliver meals
_____ Both cook AND deliver

Name ______________________ Phone # _____________________

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