We Want to Grow

Contributed by:

Dr. Robert Dealey, Maryville, IL

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We Want to Grow

1. What was the weekly worship attendance at your congregation last year? ________

What do you anticipate the average weekly worship attendance at your church to be five years from now?


2. What is your current baptized membership? ________

What do you anticipate your baptized membership to be in five years?

3. Do you anticipate a net annual increase in your congregational membership over the next five years?  

If so, what do you anticipate the annual net increase to be per year for the next 5 years?

YEAR 1: __________
YEAR 2: __________
YEAR 3: __________
YEAR 4: __________
YEAR 5: __________
4. What is the single most important thing that your congregation must do in order to increase its membership and worship attendance?  
5. What do you see as the top 3 evangelism priorities for your congregation?  








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