Step by Step Approach

Contributed by:

Dr. Robert Dealey, Maryville, IL

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  1. Always pray before you go on a call. Be assured that you are not alone as you make these calls. The Holy Spirit will guide you.
  2. Keep your visit short, gentle and non-coercive. Remember: your unannounced visit may interfere with a person’s schedule. Do not go into a person’s house, even if invited. They may be inviting you in out of a sense of obligation. You have no reason to keep them for very long any way. Your role is simply to be hospitable.
  3. When the person answers the door, take a step back to suggest a non-threatening posture and introduce yourself: "Hi, I’m ______ from Our Lord’s Lutheran Church. I’m glad that you joined us for worship and I’ve brought this packet of material for you."
  4. Then pause, and listen. The impact of your visit will NOT be in what you say, but in your presence. Be warm and available to offer information, if asked. If you do not know the answer, tell them so and offer to pass the request on to the appropriate person. If they initiate conversation, respond accordingly, but keep in mind that you do NOT want to keep them long. If they are in need of a pastoral call, please let them know that you will tell the Pastor. The importance of your visit communicates three things: (a) You love Christ; (b) Your faith and your Church are important to you; and (c) This is a Church where visitors are welcomed and appreciated.
  5. Thank them as you leave and be sure to invite them back. "Thank you for visiting Our Lord’s. Please accept these goodies from us. I look forward to seeing you again."
  6. After you leave their home, please write down any information that you feel is important.
  7. If the person is not at home when you visit, write a brief note explaining that you were there and invite them to worship again at Our Lord’s soon. Leave it, along with any information, in a safe and visible place
  8. If you are unable to leave materials because of a security gate/system, do not attempt to get around a security system. Even with the best of intentions, this is violation of a person’s privacy. If possible, leave a handwritten note.
  9. If you see the person and/or their family at a subsequent worship service, please re-introduce yourself and introduce the person to others.
  10. Please pass along any questions and/or concerns to the appropriate person(s). For example, Stephen Minister referrals may be made to: Pastor Dealey, Mary O, or Joan V.
    Know that we thank God for your gifts of hospitality and for your willingness to serve.


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