Using Media for Outreach

Contributed by:

Dr. Robert Dealey, Maryville, IL

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1. What is our objective?  What are we trying to accomplish?

2. What is our rationale?  Why are we doing this?

3. Who is our target audience?  Who are we trying to reach?

4. What will be our method?  What is the best way to reach our audience?

5. What media outlets are available to us?

a.        Radio
b.       Television
c.        Newspapers
d.       Magazines
e.        Billboards
f.         Flyers/Brochures/Posters
g.       Internet
h.       Novelties (e.g. license plate holders, key rings, etc.)
i.          Other

6. What is the cost?  How much financial commitment is involved?

7. What is the schedule/time-line?  When will this program be used/implemented?

8. Who will be the congregational contact?  Who will be responsible?

9. How will we evaluate?  How will we measure the effectiveness of this strategy?

10. What revisions will we need to make to improve this strategy?

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