Visitation: Initial Follow-Up Contact

Contributed by:

Dr. Robert Dealey, Maryville, IL

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Objective: Within 72 hours of a person's visit to Our Lord's Lutheran Church, a parish caller will go to the visitor's home to make an "at-the-door" visit (approx. 5-10 min. in length).

Length of service: 12 months (renewable term)

Expectations: The parish caller will:

  1. Identify him/herself as a representative from Our Lord's Lutheran Church ("Hi! I'm Name from Our Lord's Lutheran Church.")
  2. Verbally thank the visitor for coming to Our Lord's Lutheran Church.  ("I just wanted to stop by and say 'Thank You' for coming to our Lord's Lutheran Church.")
  3. Give the visitor a "Thank You" Pack which will include the following materials:
    1. A brief Thank you note
    2. A copy of the Parish Newsletter
    3. An Our Lord's Lutheran Church coffee mug
    4. A congregational brochure
    5. A congregational "Quick Fact" sheet
  4. Ask the visitor, if there is any way that the parish caller can be of assistance and make any appropriate referrals.
  5. Leave materials at the door with a "Sorry, I missed you" note, in the event that the visitor is not at home.
  6. Provide information to the Evangelism Committee for possible inclusion on a Prospective Members' list.

Position requirements:

  • Transportation to/from the visitor's home
  • Willingness to meet new people in a low-key, non-pressure situation
  • Ability to convey care and concern for the visitor without being threatening or overly aggressive
  • Sensitivity to visitor's needs/circumstances (able to meet people where they are)
  • Minimal working knowledge about congregational ministry/programs
  • Ability to communicate a positive message about the Church
  • Good listening skills
  • Enthusiasm

The congregation will provide:

  • Sample script, "What to say"
  • Parish caller training, "What to do"
  • Resources
    (a) For the parish caller
    (b) For the person/family being visited
  • Prayer support


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