Prepare to Invite - Imagine This!

Contributed by:

Dr. Bob Dealey, Maryville, IL

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I. Prepare to Invite (Think piece)

Why would anyone get out of bed,
get dressed,
leave the comfort and security of home, and
travel to be with an unfamiliar group of people
who will one of several things:
(a) ignore them;
(b) ask them a series of personal questions;
(c) hassle or harangue them about money or church attendance;
(d) complain about the church and/or the minister;
(e) politely thank them for coming?


(a) greet them warmly;
(b) make them feel at ease;
(c) show genuine concern for them and their needs;
(d) accept them as they are; and
(e) encourage them to return?

From the perspective of those who visit your congregation, what do the members of your congregation do? What does your congregation do to greet newcomers?

Describe your experience the first time you entered your present congregation? Why did you decide to return a second time? Why did you eventually associate with that congregation?

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