Top Ten Reasons People Liked Worship

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Worship Survey: Why People Like Worship

The ELCA surveyed members in congregations that have been identified by others in their synods as people who do worship well. These are the kinds of congregations where the members invite others to join them for worship, because it is something they just don't want to miss.

The Top Ten Reasons they identified for the central place worship played in their lives and the lives of their congregations are:

  1. The Preacher is a good public speaker: interesting and understandable, keeping my attention.
  2. The sermon/message is based on the Bible and makes the Bible more clear to me.
  3. The sermon/message helps me think about real life situations and apply faith to daily living.
  4. Overall, when I worship here, I feel like I have been lifted out of my everyday world and been encountered by that which is Holy.
  5. Visitors and newcomers feel welcome and are able to participate in our worship.
  6. The prayers that are offered are prepared with care and include a wide range of meaningful concerns.
  7. Children are welcome and generally feel comfortable in our worship.
  8. Our worship folder or bulletin (and other help) make the service easy to follow and participate in.
  9. Music supports the congregation's worship and participation rather than being just a performance.
  10. Our musical leader(s) are skilled. Their playing and singing shows artistry and careful rehearsal.

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