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Whether this is your first visit, or if your have worshiped at Bethany many times, we would like you to feel welcome here!
Please take this brochure home with you for future reference.
All are welcome here! Children are encouraged to participate in worship.
Children’s quiet activity bags are available on the coat tree just outside the entrance to the sanctuary. A staffed nursery is located at the top of the stairs on the Newton Street
entrance. It is available for infant through 3- year-old children. Speakers enable moms,

dads, and nursery attendants to listen to the service in the nursery. Large print bulletins are available for worshippers who need that assistance.

Accessible restrooms are on the same level as the sanctuary, adjacent to the nursery; a unisex bathroom is also available for those who need this accommodation.

Worship is designed to be easy to follow. All information needed to participate is printed in the bulletin; hymnals in the rack in your pew are used regularly. Bethany, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, is therefore a liturgical
worship experience; meaning that liturgy is used each Sunday traditionally at 8 a.m. and a more contemporary version at 10:30 a.m. (10 a.m. Memorial Day to Labor Day). A contemporary service is also offered Saturday evenings at 5:30.
Holy Communion is open to all baptized Christians. We believe that Jesus Christ is truly present with his body and blood for the forgiveness of sins. Please extend the palm of your hand to the server to receive communion. Grape juice and wine are offered to communicants; glasses marked with blue dots are grape juice for those who prefer. Those not yet receiving Holy Communion may fold their hands and receive a blessing. We celebrate Holy Communion the first and third Saturdays, the first and third Sundays at the 8 a.m. service, and at the 10:30 service on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, as well as the holy days of the church year.

If you or your children are not baptized, the pastors will be happy to visit with you to arrange a time for baptisms. Contact the church office to make an appointment.

Please sign a visitor card located in each pew, so that we can get to know you. If you are interested in membership, please pick up a membership brochure with a schedule and out line of the membership preparation dates and reception Sundays.

Bethany is committed to lifelong learning! Christian education in the form of Sunday School for children ages 3-grade 12 each Sunday morning from 9:30-10:15 a.m. Confirmation takes place for our children beginning in their Sunday School classes in Grade 3; formal confirmation classes occur on Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. for Grades 6-8, and one Sunday evening per month for Grades 9 and 10. Confirmation takes place in the fall of the students’ junior year of high school. See our youth and family ministry brochure for detailed activities. This is available at our Welcome Center. A variety of Adult education classes are also provided—see the adult education brochure also at the Welcome Center.

You will find an opportunity for women’s groups, men’s groups, book studies, Bible studies, and a variety of other gatherings for Christian study and enrichment. Most of these activities are held September through May.

Between our Sunday morning services and before and after our Saturday evening worship, please enjoy refreshments and treats; we believe in fellowship of Christians wherever we are; and what better place than at church itself!

We invite you to come again soon; better yet, consider becoming a part of the Bethany family!

Mission Statement Bethany Lutheran Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ called to be faithful by living God?s Word through lifetime learning, worship and service.

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