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Pastor's Note: "Mailed out 3 evaluations two weeks ago, and have gotten 2 back... both positive although pointing out a couple things the congregation should know about. I think the value of this is visitors see the church and process differently than any of us attending regularly. They have "different" eyes... and that's helpful."




Dear Visitors to Grace --

We are grateful that you worshiped at Grace recently. We seek to be a warm and welcoming congregation, and to offer our worship in a reverent yet relevant way. If you would be so kind as to respond to some or all of these questions, it would help us evaluate and improve our hospitality. Please feel free to be as brief or detailed as you wish.

1. As you drive into the parking lot, what are your over-all impressions of the church facility? Was it clear which door to enter?


2. Were there good "pedestrian" signs in the building to help you find your way around? Were you able to locate restrooms, and any other needed facilities?


3. Did the facility appear to be clean (especially bathrooms) with needed supplies?


4. Were you welcomed/greeted warmly when you entered the building? Did the people whom you encountered take an interest in your presence?


5. Were you given bulletins before entering the sanctuary?


6. As you entered the sanctuary, what were your first impressions?


7. Was the order of worship in the bulletin presented so you could follow the worship comfortably?


8. If you can remember the hymns we sang that day, did they seem "uplifting"? Were they -- hard -- moderate -- easy to sing?


9. If there was special music that day, did it add to the worship experience?


10. How would you describe the pace of worship? Did it seem too sluggish --- too fast-paced --- comfortable?


11 Could you hear the pastor? Could you hear the reader of lessons?


12. Did you have a reaction to the sermon that you could share? (Content and delivery)


13. As a guest in our worship time, were you able to follow the order of worship easily?


14. Were there any times when you "got lost" in the worship? If so, where were those places?


15. If there was communion when you were here, were you invited as a guest to join in the sacrament?


16. Were you told what we at Grace believe about communion?


18. After worship did you take part in the coffee hour?


19. Did anyone visit with you during the coffee hour?


20. Please conclude by offering any suggestions you may have as to how Grace can be more "hospitable" to visitors. (If you wish to have Pastor respond to your observations, you will need to identify who is responding.)


Thank you VERY MUCH for taking time to do this assessment. We sincerely hope you will worship with us again.


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