Evangelism Consultation: On-Site Tour

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Evangelism Consultation: On-Site Tour

Congregation: ____________________________ City _________________________________

Pastor(s) ____________________________________________ Date ____________________

1. How difficult or easy was the church to find? Were there signs on the road along the way to help you know you were going in the right direction?

2. As you drive up to the church, is the church sign easily seen?

3. How would you describe it's location in regards to . . .

a. accessibility via the major streets? 

b. visibility of the building compared to the surrounding neighborhood? 

4. Given the speed limit on the main entrance street, could the sign be read by passing motorists? 

5. What information is on the sign? (check if these items are included)

Worship times? ____ Church phone number? ____ Sunday School times? ____

Nursery care mentioned? ____ Anything else __________________________


6. As you drive into the parking lot, what are your over-all impressions of the exterior of the church facilities? Was it clear which door to enter?



7. Where there good "pedestrian" signs in the building to help you find your way around?

Signs to the worship center? ____

to the restrooms? ____

to the nursery? ____

to the phone? ____

to the office? ____



8. What are your impressions of the office area, and how easily did you find the office?



9. Is there a bulletin board with congregational activities listed, preferably in a public space?____

How does it look?


What kinds of activities are posted?


Are the dates of the event current or are past events still posted?


10. Check out the bathrooms &emdash; especially the women's restrooms. Are they clean? ____

Are the soap, towels and toilet paper adequately supplied? ____

Is there hand lotion available? ____ Are emergency sanitary supplies available for

women? ____ Is it decorated well to feel welcoming? ____

Were the restrooms easy to find? ____


11. What about the nursery? Is there a crib available? ___ Changing table? ____ Is the

nursery clearly identified and easily found by a first-time guest? ____


12. What is the sanctuary like? Is it worshipful? Is it fully accessible to those who have difficulty with mobility? Please describe it.




13. Is the seating movable or is it fastened to the floor?



14. Given the average worship attendance at each service, how full or empty do you think it looks on Sundays?



15. Is it the kind of sanctuary where a smaller group could enjoy worshiping, or would they need to consider a different room?




16. Is there a fellowship hall? What are your impressions of it? (Are the colors attractive? Is it clean and inviting or does it look like a storage area for leftover furniture?)



17. According to the pastor, are there an adequate number of rooms for Sunday school?



18 . Is there a convenient place for refreshments on Sunday? 


19. Is it well located for those people walking from the sanctuary to the parking lot?


20. Is it readily accessible for those who have difficulty with mobility?


Worship Evaluation


Before worship began:

1. Were you greeted well before the service? ____

Did they welcome you right at the door, or were they further into the entryway?____

Did they seem genuinely glad to welcome you?____

Did they seem genuinely glad to welcome you?____

Did they wear name tags? ____ Did all the members wear name tags? ____

Were the ushers friendly and willing to help you find your way? ____


The Worship Time:

1. Was the order of worship laid out completely in the bulletin? ____

If not, was it projected on a wall or screen so you could follow everything that was happening?

2. What was the style of worship?

____Classical worship with an organ and the Lutheran Book of Worship

____More "contemporary" worship from With One Voice

____ A contextual worship (intergenerational, prayer and praise, country, jazz, polka…)

____ Other (please describe)

 3. Please rate the songs or hymns for familiarity and for their simplicity or complexity (good, average, or poor).

Opening songs or hymn(s) _____________________________________

Sermon song or hymn ________________________________________

Closing song or hymn ________________________________________

Any other songs or hymns which were sung ___________________________________________

4. How would you describe the worship "tone" in your own words?



5. What about the pace of worship? Was it sluggish, fast-paced, comfortable?


6. Was there special music? ____ How was the quality?

7. Was the accompanying music (organ or keyboard or band or…) done well?

8. Give your impression of the sermon in both content and delivery.



9. Were the guests acknowledged in some way during the worship time? How?



10. Was there a "passing of the peace?" ______


11. As a guest in the worship time, were you able to follow the order of worship easily?



12. Were there times when you "got lost" in the worship? If so, where were those places?



13. How much "jumping around" was there between the bulletin or screen and the hymnal or hymnals? Were you able to follow those transitions easily?



14. What opportunities were there for you as a guest to leave your address or other contact information with the congregation?



15. If there was communion, were the communion practices described clearly?


16. Were you invited as a guest to join in the sacrament?


17. Was the traffic pattern clear as you participated?


How were the announcements? Where were they in the course of the worship time? What sorts of announcements were made?




After Worship:

1. Were you greeted following the worship time by any members?


2. Were refreshments served? ____


Was there a drink offered in addition to coffee? _________________________________


Were the refreshments conveniently located? ________________________________


Did anyone visit with you during the refreshment time?


3. Please conclude by offering your overall impression of the church and congregation.


The ELCA's "eteam" site has several very useful assessment tools which you can complete online. To access these tools, paste the following URL into your browser:




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