Evangelism Hospitality Tips

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Holy huddles--don't get into the habit! Train your congregation that Sunday is not the time to transact business!

Only use nametags, that all look alike and everyone is wearing them! Don't make newcomers stand out or stand up! Many newcomers and visitors consider themselves as part of the church family already, even though they are not on the official roles.

Signs--put them everywhere!! Do people know where to go for worship? Nursery? Rest Rooms? Sunday School?

Paint, repair, fix-up those musty, dark comers! Intentionally begin FRAN (friends, relatives, associates, neighbors) Sunday once a quarter moving to once a month.

Insist on excellence! Plan a balanced, engaging worship service each Sunday. This means singable hymns, easy to follow bulletin, vitality in liturgy, coherent theme that follows through in hymns, sermon, liturgy and prayers.

Two-minute rule--For the first two minutes after worship, each member is not allowed to speak to anyone they know, but introduce themselves to those they don't know.

Appoint "secret greeters" - These are people who enjoy meeting new people and who are intentionally on the look out for newcomers. They make contact, help them find their way, and introduce them to others.

Limit the "Sharing of the Peace." The longer the sharing goes on, the more excluded a newcomer feels.

Interview and listen to newcomers who come back and those who don't. Learn from them. Try having a non-member friend visit your church, and then listen to what they have to say about their experience.

Train your secretary and receptionists in evangelism and hospitality skills--as they answer the phone and as they greet people coming to the church itself! They are the first impression that many receive of your church.

Yourself-relax and enjoy yourself! Smile and have fun!


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