Augustana at the Orchard

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Augustana at the Orchard
(An idea for a community event)

It all started when a member of the congregation offered to share his apple orchard business with us. Brad and Kris Burling, owners of Indian Creek Orchards, were wondering if Augustana would like to make some pies and sell them on a fall weekend.

A crew of makers and bakers were ready when Brad dropped off crates of apples and pie tins. Over 50 people of assorted ages gathered in the church fellowship hall to peel, slice, mix, and bake.

The result: Over 110 apple pies!

They were bussed to nearby homes to be baked, and the following day transported to the orchard where they were sold and used for a pie and ice cream social.

Members of the congregation caught the spirit, adding face-painting and music to the day. As people enjoyed the freshly-baked apple pie, Augustana members handed out bookmarks which said, "You are the APPLE of God's eye!" Not only were the bookmarks colorful and practical, but also invitational, as they included church address and phone, plus service times. -- A good evangelism tool!


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