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Jesus came to place the future into our hands. With God's help it is our job to find our way into that future. Finding our way can be a complicated thing. Finding our way into God's future means that we will have to pay attention to the presence of God in these very present moments.

How do you pay attention to the presence of God?

Beginning April 12th and for the next 5 Monday nights, Calvary Lutheran Church will take some time and pay attention to the presence of God.

These meetings will be called "LISTENING POSTS."

A series of "LISTENING POST" meetings are designed to gather members together, eat together, and talk about faith in life here at Calvary Lutheran Church. The atmosphere will be set to encourage lively conversation, the hope is that heartfelt information will be shared, and the dream is that we will discover some core truths about Calvary Lutheran Church.

100 members per week will be chosen at random and invited to attend the Listening Post. Attendance at these Listening Posts is encouraged and expected. Invitations will be sent out from our Junior High age group all the way up through the most senior of our family.

After five weeks, 500 people, and 500 plus bits of information, a small cluster of listener/interpreters will be gathered to help unpack this information.

What might this information say to us?

____ What might it mean for us?

________Most specifically, what is God Saying to us ... about us ... and through us?

If you receive an invitation to the Listening Post, please say YES. If you do not receive an invitation but would like to participate, please call the Church Office to be put on the list.


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