Guidelines for New Member Mentoring

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Thank you for your willingness to take on this important aspect of our ministry at Calvary Lutheran Church.  Your time and commitment to this outreach is vital to the strength of our congregation.

The central goal of Mentoring New Members is to help them become active in and committed to the ministry and mission of Calvary.  This goal can be reached through the following activities:

  1. Come to the New Member Orientation.  You will have an opportunity to meet with your mentoring family and help them with the Time and Talent Sheet & Pledge Card.
  2. Track your mentoring family for 6-12 months or until you are certain that they have become regular participants in the ministry opportunities of the congregation.
  3. Greet them each week in worship and invite them to sit with you, or go in and sit with them.  Call them if they miss worship more than one week in a row.  Check to see if there is an issue with rides or work schedules.  Remind them of the Thursday evening worship if Sunday morning doesn’t work for them.  Visit if the family or members of it have been sick (or let pastor know so she can visit).  Help them to find a means to get back to worship.
  4. Connect them to areas of interest to them - Sunday School & Vacation Bible School for children, Quilters, Adult Bible study, Choir, various service areas, etc.
  5. Call to remind them of special events, especially if the event hits their areas of interest - such as a spring clean-up day, a picnic or youth event, etc.
  6. Invite them over for lunch or dinner, or out for a day at the beach, something to show that you are interested in their welfare.  Introduce them to people in the congregation who have things in common with them.
  7. Whatever else comes to mind that you feel is appropriate.
  8. Make pastor aware of any situations that may need extra attention - a child of confirmation age who doesn’t seem to be coming, an older child who has returned home and may need some special encouragement to become involved in the congregation also, illnesses, marriage issues, the birth of a child, child getting engaged, etc.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Pastor Kay and she will help you to discern what your next step should be or what actions might be appropriate to the situation.

Evangelism Committee & Pastor Kay Richter

April 2002


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