How to Get New Members Involved

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Lakeside Lutheran, Webster, WI

How to Get New Members Involved

At Lakeside Lutheran, Webster, we have what we call our "Shepherding Program." When a person/family joins, they are assigned to one of the "shepherding groups." (12 groups, one each month).

Each group is responsible for supplying greeters, ushers, readers, communion assistants, bulletin folders, providing food for the fellowship time after worship (November through March) or between services (April through October), watering the outside plants or shoveling snow (depending on season) and baking birthcakes for a local boys' home. This immediately involves them with fellow members in helping with the ministry at Lakeside. Because of the variety of tasks, everyone is able to find something to do in their comfort zone.

It has been a blessing at Lakeside and has given us a sense of community.


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