New Member Class
Meeting People Emphasis

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Rev. Carolyn Mowchan, Trinity Lutheran Church, Spooner, WI

New Member Class
Meeting People Emphasis

We continue to work on our new member integration, but at present we do six weeks of classes, spiritual gifts inventory and interviews, new member Sundays with a sponsor who agrees to contact the new members once a month for three months and also to pray for them.

We also follow up at about five months with phone calls, and we make sure to use their time and talent/spritual gifts inventories as soon as we can to plug them in somewhere.

Generally our new members are some of our most active. During the classes themselves we have representatives from all the groups come in and make a 2-3 minute plug..choir, circles, small groups, etc. so they have seen quite a few faces before they are finished with the classes.

Our main use of the new member classes are to have them meet as many people as possible and help them find out what's going on in the congregation...and to set pretty high expectations for participation.


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