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"Stations" Learning Idea

Our congregation has made good use of the "stations" idea and has created a number of variations on the theme. (suitable for multi-generational activity)

Lent: A journey through Holy Week. On Palm Sunday we "traveled" to various rooms or locations inside or outside the building depending on the weather. We started with a parade with palm branches and then proceeded to the upper room to be a part of the last supper. Other highlights of the week included the Garden of Gethsemane, the trial, and the crucifixion. Activities have included Bible readings, actors (various ages) playing the parts of main characters, finger plays by preschoolers, singing, burying our sins written on paper in the ground, etc. Sometimes we have included the Easter resurrection on the same day and sometimes we have let it end with Good Friday and encouraged a return to church the following week to celebrate Jesus' victory.

Rally Day: The year the Metrolink opened, we had a "Get on Board the Zionlink" theme. Everyone was issued a ticket and proceeded to various stations to get his/her ticket punched. The stations represented the variety of educational opportunities available, such as the Sunday School, Day Care Center, Youth group, Adult Ed classes, and the Parish Resource Center. There were activities at each station, some of which were geared for our youngest members. Refreshments were served.

Another year we had the theme "I Love to Tell the Story." At each station a colored bead was given and at the last station a leather cord was given to put the beads on. Each color of a bead told a part of the story: black, our sins caused Jesus to have to die; green, we have new life with Jesus; clear, the water of baptism; white, sinless in the sight of God; gold, the crown of glory; red heart, the great love of Jesus and the blood he shed. The cord was blue. Participants could choose to make a bracelet or key chain.

Another year we did a Marketplace during Bible times complete with characters (beggar, soldier, John the Baptist, etc.) in costume.

Mission Sunday: Participants were issued a passport that was stamped at each station. Stations included the following: Lutheran Family and Children's Service, the quilters group raises money for various projects, the Child Development Center, PAKT, Contact and Resource Center in Lebanon, Metro St. Louis Coalition, Jail ministry, housing ministries including Habitat for Humanity and EHPC. Displays and activities were included. The event concluded with lunch.

The station idea lends itself to a variety of themes and can be easily adapted to include activities which will appeal to all ages.


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