Rotational Sunday School

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Rotational Sunday School in a Small Church

Apostle's Playhouse - A beginning supply of puppets is in the shoe bag on the back of the door, to be used by the students from behind the yellow cloth-covered PUPPET THEATER. An outdoor scene painted on the walls envisions the "path of our Christian lives" beginning behind the hill at the right of the window and going to the left and down. It follows along the bottom of the wall and picks up again at the foot of the archway which includes the large framed picture of Jesus with the children moving toward the narrow road leading to "Our Eternal Life".

Parables Corner - Transparencies and an overhead projector were used to help us get the sizes, shapes and heights of the palm trees. The electrical outlet on the wall became less noticeable by painting the tree trunk around it. The windows are double-draped with a firm material to spread out flat, and they are the exact color of the sky. We placed the horizon even with the bottoms of the window aprons. We painted a desert scene into the corner on two of the walls in this room, including an adobe hut and an oasis. Our Lord richly blessed us and our efforts, and we get the feeling of "being there" in this, our favorite room. A frame was built for the "roof" of the tent and fitted with an 8' x 6' sheer used drapery; 5 gallon pails and carpet tubes were used for tent poles and covered with fabric to hide the sand, pails and cardboard. Many willing working hands went into this project.

Creation Station - We placed a red, white and blue "rug train" on the bulletin board at the "Station" and painted each wall a different cheery pastel color, in hopes of stimulating creativity in the arts and crafts room as a part of each 6 week lesson plan. Removable bulletin boards were covered with cloth and installed over the badly worn blackboards in 2 of the rooms. The palette and brush were drawn on a transparency and centered on the blue wall for interest and inspiration. A beautiful framed picture of Jesus as a youth helps the children to realize "He was once a child like me".

Faith Theater - For now our theater class only has a small part of our dining area, because we are short on rooms. We are hoping to remedy this by September.

Bible Skills and Games - The children use our "all purpose room" that is also used for confirmation, council and circle meetings. Here the children learn the Bible Story by playing games.

Our congregation has been helping with everything to make our rotational workshop successful by making pillows for the children to sit on, donating items for the creation station and providing us with "Shepherds" that help the teachers during our workshop sessions. We also have some Bible Time Costumes for the children to wear in the Apostle's Playhouse.


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