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This is a suggestion for an inspirational rally for Church School Teachers for fall, or the first of the year.

HYMN:  Rejoice, 0 People, In The Mounting Years

LEADER:  In the name of him who said, "I am the door", may we who have passed through the doors of Christ's Church, discover the door of life beyond which we shall see the vistas unfold of all that will challenge us to adventure into the future.

TEACHERS: The boys and girls of today are the men and women of tomorrow. The golden age of Christianity is in the future. We come, with reverent faith, to pledge ourselves to the high adven­ture of helping toward that achievement. The fruits of our present labors will be harvested in the days ahead. We thank God for the high adventures that pave the way for a better future. (J. H. Bishop)



I believe in the energy and enthusiasm of Christ. They are the driving power of the human race.
I believe in the dreams and aspirations of Christ. They give vision to life.
I believe in the ideals of Christ. They hold the human race to its highest goals.
As a teacher, I shall strive to teach others to achieve the energies and enthusiasms of Christ . . . to realize his dreams and aspirations... to hold to his ideals. I shall do my best to preserve these things for Christ, because I believe in him.
This is not an easy task which I have set for myself. I will need all the experience, judgment and training that Christ can give me. I will need to know and understand Jesus Christ and, walking with him, keep in close touch with the hearts entrusted to my care. (adapted, Lelia Munsell)

LEADER: Let us open our minds and our hearts to our Lord and he will teach us his ways.

HYMN:               Lord, Speak To Me


LEADER:         For all those who looked forward rather than back‑‑

TEACHERS: Lord, we give you our thanks.

LEADER:         For the pioneers and the explorers, for all those who opened up new worlds for the dwelling places of your human family‑‑

TEACHERS: Lord, we give you our thanks.

LEADER:         For the discoverers who have added to the safety and the comfort of our lives... for the adventurers in religion who have added to the welfare of Christ's Church‑‑

TEACHERS: Lord, we give you our thanks.

LEADER:         For those who have sought out and found new ideals of life and higher paths along which we move hopefully into the future‑‑

TEACHERS: Lord, we give you our thanks. LEADER: Let us offer our prayer together.

PRAYER:         (In Unison:)

0 God, who are the Light and the Truth, open our minds that we may think your thoughts after you. Cleanse us from all that might shut out, even briefly, your presence‑‑all pride, all fear of human scorn, all prejudice, and all selfishness‑‑and help us choose your truth.

We thank you for the quiet courage of the Nazarene, who in an obscure province, surrounded by poverty, lived undiscouraged and unafraid, and died that he might bear witness to your love. Help us to follow him in this house of worship and study. We know that as we follow him in quest of high ideals, he will be with us, as we adventure into the future. Accept our prayer in Christ's name. Amen.

PRAYER RESPONSE (Sung, or read by Leader:)

Holy Spirit, Truth Divine,
Dawn upon this soul of mine;
Word of God, and inward light,
Wake my spirit, clear my sight.

HYMN:  Creation's Lord, We Give Thee Thanks


LEADER:  To what we shall add to the marvelous achievements of the past... To the discovery of what Christianity means in this troubled world in which we live today... To the future with all of its promise from the spirit of him who said, "Behold, l'll make all things new"

TEACHERS: We dedicate ourselves today, 0 Lord, to adventure into the future for you.

HYMN:  Take My Life And Let It Be

HYMN:  Forward, Through The Ages


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