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Contributed by: Grace Lutheran Church 202 W. Grand Avenue,Eau Claire, WI.
    We send a post card to all children who miss two Sundays in a row.
    This has helped keep attendance up and kept the children coming back
    We have often seen the kids return the week after they get
    the post card.
    Our Sunday School has adopted one of the four year old students
    who has leukemia. She receives something each week from a different
    class to help keep her spirits up. The classes make cards, funny
    animals, baskets and buy toys, and many other ideas. We also
    remember her brother and parents with surprises.
    At the beginning of the Sunday School year, each teacher is assign-
    ed a secret supporter. This is a person who secretly leaves
    little gifts and treats for the teacher and the class for
    encouragement. At the end of the year, teacher and Secret
    Support are united at a special appreciation lunch.
    Each Sunday the children receive a bulletin created especially for
    them. We include special events for the week, names of the children (and the
    date) that have a birthday during the week. Of course,
    we also have fun and learning puzzles and games that relate to the
    Scriptures for that Sunday.

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