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Issue III
Issue IV
Issue V

Tuesday: Issue III
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Dear Parents:

VBS 2004 is well underway. The children have been great listeners and learners, and we are having a great time at "Camp Creation." "Camp Creation" is the title of the Augsburg Fortress VBS Program for 2004.

Children are divided into Camper Groups and rotate from Activity Center to Activity Center. Those Centers include Davey's Drama, Cabin Crafts, Discovery Outpost, Snack Shack, and Goliath Games.


On Monday we had one hundred twenty students, along with other fifty staff. It was an awesome sight to see so many children coming together to learn about God's Creation.

We will continue to collect an offering each day of VBS for our Mission Project which is the making of wells in Bangladesh. In fact, we are also building a well at Church as part of this project. Each child wrote his or her name on a block to become part of the well. I'm sure you will enjoy seeing it on Friday evening to find your child's block.


Today the younger children visited The Country Terrace Assisted Living Apartments, as well as the Senior Apartments by the Elementary School in Ladysmith. They sang songs for the residents and delivered crosses they had made on Monday afternoon.
Also today the older children are canoeing the Flambeau River and will be camping overnight at Josie Creek. We will be having a campfire this evening at 8:00 p.m. if you would like to join us.
If you have any questions and/or concerns as we continue through this awesome week, please give me a call at church or at home.
From Camp Creation,
VBS Director

Wednesday's Schedule

8:45-12:00 Noon VBS
12:00 Noon PS & PK Children should be picked up
12:00 Noon Lunch for K-6
12:30-2:00 p.m. Game Afternoon, Glen Flora Ball Park
Children should be picked up at 2:00 p.m. at the Ball Park, two blocks north of the Church.

Today's Story
The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37

An activity to do at home. Act out the story of the good Samaritan. Why do you think neither the Priest nor the Levite stopped to help? Why do you suppose the Samaritan did? Would you have stopped and helped?

A Family Prayer

Dear God, thank you for the love you give us. Help us show your love to others. Show us ways that we can be helpful to our neighbors. Amen.

Today at VBS the children heard the story of the Good Samaritan. They discovered that taking care of God's creation includes loving others.

Religious Education

Vacation Bible School is sponsored by St. Anthony's Catholic & Glen Flora Lutheran Churches. Each Church provides religious education for children throughout the year. If your children are not currently participating in religious education and you would like information about one of our Churches, please let us know.

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Wednesday: Issue IV
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Dear Parents:

What an awesome day for a canoe trip down the Flambeau River. Ten canoes of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Graders canoed from Flambeau Lodge to Josie Creek yesterday afternoon and then camped overnight at Josie. Other than the mosquitoes, everything went well.

While the older kids were out enjoying God's creation, the younger children brought joy to the residents of Rusk Haven Manor and Country Terrace in Ladysmith by visiting them, singing songs, and delivering a cross they had made on Monday afternoon.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we will be having a picnic in the afternoon at Memorial Park in Ladysmith for all of the children (Preschool through Grade Six). We will be arriving at the part about 12:15 p.m. and the Glen Church at 2:00 p.m. Parents are more than welcome to join us at the park.

We have been having an exceptional year at Vacation Bible School. Last evening at the campfire some of the adults were talking about how well behaved and polite the children have been. Thank you for the important part you play in helping that to happen.

We ordered the children's t-shirts today. They will be delivered and given to the children on Friday. It is our hope they will wear their t-shirts for the program Friday evening.
As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns about Vacation Bible School, please contact me at church or home. The numbers are listed above.
From Camp Creation,VBS Director

Thursday's Schedule

8:45-12:00 noon VBS
12:00 noon Bus leaves for Memorial Park
12:15-12:45 Picnic Lunch
12:45-1:30 Games & Playtime
1:40 Bus departs
1:50 Return to Church in Tony
2:00 Return to Church in Glen

Today's Story
The Widow's Offering
Mark 12:41-44

An activity to do at home: How does your family decide what to do with the gifts God has given you? Take some time to talk about each person's gifts and how they can be shared.

A Family Prayer

Dear God, thank you for giving us what we need. Remind us how many gifts we have from you. Help us to gladly share them with others. Amen.

Children To Sing Sunday
This Sunday, June 20th, we would like the VBS children to share some of the music they are learning at VBS by singing at both churches. Church in Tony is at 8:30 a.m. and church in Glen is at 10:00 a.m. Children would sing at the end of the service in Tony so they should arrive by 9:15; they would sing at the beginning in Glen and would be finished by 10:15. It would be great to have a large number of children come to share their gift of singing with the congregations.

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Thursday: Issue V
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Dear Parents,

What a great day to spend an afternoon at VBS. Having pizza for lunch, playing games, getting a prize, and then finishing the afternoon off with ice cream cones! The children in K-6 enjoyed Wednesday afternoon at the Ballpark for our traditional "Game Afternoon." Thank you to everyone that helped with the games, especially Mr. Roehl for organizing them.

Tomorrow, children will be receiving a T-shirt which is donated by Artisans. We would ask that your child wear this T-shirt to the program tomorrow evening. We would also ask that each child bring a flashlight with them for our "traditional" closing song of "This Little Light of Mine".

I would like to thank our VBS staff for helping to make this week possible: The Activity
Center Leaders, the Camp Counselors, the Kitchen & Office Volunteers, and everyone else who have helped out in anyway this week. I would also like to thank you as parents for seeing the importance of Vacation Bible School and taking the time out of your summer schedule to bring your children. We have had an awesome week so far, and I think the children are learning a lot about God's creation and how to care for it.

As some of you may know, we have a little different format this year. Children are in "Camper Groups" led by a "Camp Counselor". These "Counselors" are the 7th-12th Grade Youth from both of our churches. These youth have done an outstanding job this week leading these "Camper Groups". We are blessed to have so many of them helping in this way.

Thank you again for allowing us to share in this ministry with your family. I hope your children are enjoying the week as much as I am.
VBS Director

Friday's Schedule

8:45-12 noon VBS
12:00 noon Lunch for all
12:30-1:30 p.m. Program practice for all
1:30 p.m. All children should be picked up
8:00 p.m. Closing Program

Today's Story
Feeding of the 5000
Matthew 14:13-21

An activity to do at home. How can you make a big crowd? Gather lots of rocks and use markers to make faces on them. Make a more detailed rock for everyone in your family. Talk about how much food it would take to feed a large crowd of people.
This week, help fix meals for your family.

A Family Prayer

Dear God, thank you for sharing Jesus with us. Thank you for providing us with the things we need. Help us to share your love and all we have with others. Amen.

Lost & Found
We are accumulating items at church such as sweatshirts, jackets, a couple of sleeping bags, and a life-jacket. Please check to see if they belong to your children.

Closing Program

Friday Evening
8:00 p.m.
Everyone is Welcome!

The earth, and everything on it, belongs to the Lord. Psalm 24:1

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