Biblical Quilt: Study and Stitch

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Biblical Quilt: Study and Stitch

Combining great Bible stories and stitching, adding conversation, laughter, frustrations and learning, is a wonderful way to experience Christian fellowship. It is my prayer that as we gather, we share knowledge and questions as we grow in faith and stitching ability.

Our plan is to meet twelve times for Bible study, using a Biblically named quilt block as our story source. (Check out this book for quilt block ideas: Biblical Blocks  Inspired Designs for Quilters, Rosemary Makhan, Martingale & Company) At that meeting you will receive information concerning the block and its construction. An optional second meeting could be available for anyone who wanted to construct their block in the company of others. All quilt blocks can be stitched either by machine or hand sewing. All blocks are 9 inch squares. How you put them together will determine whether you have twelve pillows, a wall hanging, a sofa quilt or something will be fun to see what happens.

So...for general information, here's what you need: A Bible and something to write with if you are inclined to take notes. Maybe even a notebook or folder to all the stuff you will accumulate.

Fabric...You can construct completely 'scrap' blocks using fabric from your stash.
Sort these into three categories: light, medium and dark fabrics.
You can purchase fabric for this adventure. yardage are 45" wide (all yardages are estimates, but will get you a good beginning.) Get 2 1/2 yards of light colored fabric (for variety, get two different colors,) 1 3/4 yards of medium colored fabric and 2 1/2 yards (for variety, get two different colors.)

These amounts are very generous. So take these amounts with a grain of salt. Know that you will have plenty if you decide to purchase...who knows, you may even have enough for some extra blocks.

You can add 2 1/2 yards of of fabric for borders if you want to purchase everything at once. Another 2 1/2 yards is ample for sashing. However, I'd wait until you see how things go and decide then how you want the blocks put together. Backing fabric should wait until the finished size and project is known.

All fabric should be prewashed, dried and pressed. Batting will be needed at the end for final assembly.

Supplies needed:

sewing machine for machine piecing
needle for hand piecing
paper or template plastic to trace patterns


thread to match fabric, or neutral color
good humor

Optional: rotary cutter and mat, rotary ruler, freezer paper (for different ways of piecing)

May the Holy Spirit give us accurate seams, amazing insights and lots of fun as we celebrate in study and stitches. Just to whet your curiosity here are the names (and links) to four Quilt Blocks for Study and Stitch:

Children of Israel
Jacob's Ladder
Cross Within a Cross
Garden of Eden


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