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Salvation Scramble

Rules and explanation of the game Salvation Scramble.

I began by choosing six fairly well known Bible verses:

John 3:16, Philippians 4:13, Isaiah 40:31, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Proverbs 3:5, and Ephesians 4:32.

I typed the words to these verses in large print and made two copies of each, one for each team.

After printing the words I cut them apart so that each bible verse included several "word pieces."

I used large wooden dividers as a game board, but a large blank wall would also work well.

Using poster putty I put the words for each Bible verse on the dividers so that they were all scrambled up.

Under each scrambled verse I placed a sheet of paper with the correct Bible verse cited; such as John 3:16.

I divided up the confirmation students into two teams. Size does not matter. Each team picked one person to manipulate the words while the other youth shouted out in what order they thought the words went. Both teams worked on the same verse at the same time. The first team done unscrambling the verse would win one point.

When both teams finished, everyone read the verse out loud together.

I followed this same pattern for each of the six Bible verses. The kids were not allowed to use Bibles so they really had to help and listen to each other in order to make educated guesses about where the words went in the verse.

It proved to be a very enjoyable game for the youth as well as a good educational tool. The game took between 30 - 45 minutes. It took quite awhile to make all of the words so I laminated them in order to use them again.

Bethany Walker


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