Tips on Siqnups

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Tips on Siqnups

It is hard to get young people committed to go to camp. Believe me, I know you do just as much work -- getting your group (s) together - registered -- transported - and then home, as we do putting the program together.


1) READ the brochure. Be familiar with each program and where it will be held. Be able to point to the program appropriate for each age level when talking with youth.

2) POST the brochures. Put one brochure near your office, or Sunday school room, or youth room. Set up a bulletin board display with a sign up sheet below. Now you are ready . . . . . .

3) ASK THEM TO GO! Say, "I really want you to go." Talk to everyone personally, but talk to the leaders first. Ask direct.

4) SIGN THEM UP. The brochure is for standing by and pointing at while you ask people to sign up. It doesn't sign them up. You sign them up!!!! Ask, "Can I sign you up?" Then do it right then and there in your own handwriting.

GIVE THEM A BROCHURE. You still need to collect the deposit and the registration form with their parent's signature on it. Give them a brochure even if they tell you they already got one. (Sometimes it takes two or three tries to actually get the brochure filled in.) Remember that even if you've got their name on the list they still need to register before they can go.

6) SET A DEADLINE. Remember you need money and a signature! I suggest the family pay the deposit themselves. The groups who pay the initial deposit as a congregational subsidy sometimes end up with a serious drop-out problem. The FINANCIALLY COMMITTED will help to promote.

7) SET AN EARLY DEADLINE for your deposit and registration forms to be in. Work up to that deadline and SEND THEM IN the day after the deadline!! (You can always add to the group later. You want your deadline to mean deadline.)


Good luck and God Bless. See you at camp!

P.S. God loves everyone equally, but the registrar loves people who follow the registration information more than those who don't. BE LOVED A LOT.


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