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Why Should My Child Go to Bible Camp?

Questions Parents & Young People are Asking About

Bible Camp at Luther Park

Bible Camp Transforms lives!

The reason that we "push"
Bible Camp so much is because
we believe in it so much!
There is no better place for
young people to grow in faith
than at Bible Camp. During a
week at Bible Camp, the young
people get "time away" from
the distractions of everyday
life, time to reflect on
their lives and their faith.

At Bible Camp, this time
away, and this reflection
happen in a wonderful

At Bible Camp our young people experience the "joy of the Lord" through relationships with young Christian role-models.

Christian community designed
to support each young person
in their search for meaning,
faith and values. It is a
powerfully Christian
atmosphere, where even "play
is holy." Days are filled
with energetic songs,
prayers, recreation, active
learning, Bible study and
wonderful "kid friendly
worship." The camp staff is
trained to work with this age
group, and will offer their
own enthusiasm and support.
Pastor will also be there
during the week building
quality relationships with
our young people.

How about Baseball?

Every year we run
into sports driven anguish
from some families. "How can
we break this commitment to
the team? " The answer is
easy. Never make it! Parents,
tell your coach from the
onset, that you have this one
commitment already. Baseball
is a game, played for the fun
of playing! This one week
should not be the deciding
factor for your child. A week
at camp nurtures faith. Faith
will carry your child through

Why at This Camp?

We have chosen this camp and this
week because this camp has a
special interest and focus on
this age group, makes great
use of worship and devotional
times, and consistently
approaches the Christian
elements of their program
with great enthusiasm and
zeal. It is also on a beautiful
lake, they have both
water-skiing and a swimming
pool, and the young people
have a lot of fun there!

What About the Finances?

The cost of a week
at camp is actually very
reasonable. The total cost
for a week at camp is $215.
Our congregation offers
support to campers which
brings the cost down
considerably. This price
includes all food, housing
and program expenses.

You will pay:

* $60 now

*-$_____ congregational subsidy

*Balance due when you arrive at camp

We can also provide a full or
partial campership to anyone
who might need one. If you
have more than one person in
your family going to camp, or
a financial "pinch" going
right now, please let us know
your needs! Believe us, the
campership money is there for
any situation! Just attach a
simple note with the word
Campership, and your pastor
will call you.

Who's All Going?
Your child might say, "but no one else
is going!" We hope that
everyone in your child's
class will attend. You can
help that happen. We respect
the need for friendship on an
adventure like this. It is
important at this age! Sign
your child up, and talk that
friend into signing up with
you! The camp respects the
desire to have your friend in
your cabin. List a campmate
in the space on your At Bible
Camp our young people
experience the "joy of the
Lord" through relationships
with young Christian

What is Luther Park like?

That is a very good question!
Some young people think that
Bible Camp is nothing but
"Bible Study 12 hours a day!"
Each morning we do study the
Bible in small groups. Each
afternoon Luther Park offers
every kind of recreation you
can think of: water-skiing,
swimming pool, tennis,
basketball, softball, arts &
crafts and many other forms
of fun that can be had with
125 people your age. During
the early evening hour the
staff leads worship services,
musical productions and
special events that inspire
and entertain. Late nights
are made special with
inspirational campfire

The cabins are great They are
only five years old. Each
cabin has two bedrooms and
each bedroom houses eight
campers and a trained
counselor or two. Your
bathroom is also right in the

Will We Meet Other Kids? Yes
you will! We will be getting
many of our own young people
to go this week. There will
be a good group of kids that
you already know. AND, other
churches will be doing the
same thing, so there is lots
of opportunity to meet new
friends. The week will
probably fill. The only way
we can save your child a spot
is with a signed registration
blank and a deposit!

How Do We Register?

Please fill out the enclosed
registration blank. You can
mail it with your deposit
directly to the camp if you
wish. You may also choose to
turn it in to the church
office. If you need more time
for your deposit, or want to
request a campership, send in
the blank today with a brief
note. Campership money really
is available! Once you
register the camp will send
you information directly. You
will get an confirmation
letter, "what to bring" list
and a health history form.

Questions of any kind?

Call the camp (715) 859-2215
or the church_____-______.

Bible Camp transforms lives! The presence of jesus Christ in the lives of young people is celebrated with clarity and life-changing enthusiasm! Time spent at Luther Park is a mountain-top experience that gives young people a concrete way to find "joy" in faith. We want your child at camp with us this summer!


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