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For administration - rostered persons accumulating benefits.

Accumulations of benefits should be outlined in letters of call or letters of employment if they are not covered under some constitutional bylaw.

For Continuing Education our proposed paragraph is "If an employee transfers to another position within this synod, both the employee's accumulated dollars and time are maintained. If the employee terminates his/her service with this synod to accept a position with an affiliated agency, institution, or congregation of this synod or the ELCA, the employee's accumulated dollars, interest, and time may be transferred, subject to the concurrence of the gaining organizational element. If the individual's service with this synod and the ELCA is terminated for any reason, accumulated funds will revert to this synod's treasury and accumulated time is forfeited."

For sick leave, the proposal is "Sick leave must be used in the calendar year in which it was accrued or in the first three months of the following calendar year. No payments are made for accrued unused sick leave at any time, including termination of employment.


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