Reception of an Interim Pastor

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Reception of an Interim Pastor

Hymn of the Day

Congregational Representative: Today we begin a new pattern in our faith journey here at _________ Lutheran Church as we welcome Pastor ________________.

In the coming days, let us support one another by our continued presence at worship, our sharing in the means of grace, and the words of welcome!

All: May God strengthen our community and relationships with power and new insight.

CR: Let us seek a renewal of our ministries through the naming of our talents and strengths as we prepare for the future.

All: May God help us to identify one another's gifts and open ourselves to their presence and challenge.

CR: Let us rejoice in the fruits of partnership in Christ Jesus as our ___________ Lutheran Church Call Committee, Pastor ____________, and our Assistant to the Bishop _________, work together during the call process.

All: May God grant us patience, a sense of humor, and the courage to speak the truth in love.

CR: Bless and empower that special person, as yet unknown to us, who will be our new pastor.

All: Thank you for those called to the ordained ministry and our participation in one another's lives.

CR: O Lord, as your church has continually sought your will, sustain and inspire the work of the Call Committee.

All: May God's Spirit guide the decisions of this congregation.

 CR: Let us ask God's empowerment of all leadership positions: the staff, Congregation Council, committees and all those who do good deeds and perform necessary tasks in this congregation.

 All: Help us, Lord, to work together in harmony of Spirit and purpose.

 CR: Pastor _________ will you lead, comfort and reflect with us during this time of transition?

 Pastor: I will by God's help.

 CR: To you, members of __________, will you support Pastor __________ in our ministry together, knowing that it will be brief - but the results enduring?

 All: We will by God's help.

 CR: As all of life is an interim, help us to value this time together as a reminder that our work is not in vain and our Lord will unite all things at last in glorious fulfillment of God's promises.

 All: Lord, enable us to live our days in praise of your glory. Amen.

The service continues with the Exchange of the Peace

 Pastor: May the peace of the Lord be with you always . . .



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