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One responsibility of the Congregation Council and the Staff Support Committee is to appraise the work of the Pastor(s). An evaluation can help to improve the confidence, support, growth and working relationship between the Congregation Council and the Pastor(s). This represents an opportunity to identify challenges in program or performance, show appreciation to the Pastor(s), and strengthen the organization's overall administration.

The Pastor(s) should expect to receive a review of his or her work annually. The evaluation process will be more effective with careful advance planning. The meeting will take place with the Staff Support Committee. The evaluation will have a written component.

The performance evaluation should be measured in relation to the Letter of Call, as well as work related to administrative activity in the following areas:

  • Leader of Worship
  • Minister in Crisis and Conflict
  • Proclaimer of the Word
  • Interpreter of Theology
  • Evangelist and Witness Motivator
  • Counselor
  • Teacher of Youth
  • Administrator
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Leadership
  • Staff Relations
  • Fiscal management
  • Effectiveness in assisting the Congregation Council achieve its' goals and objectives

The Pastor(s) should be informed of the process in advance. The Staff Support Committee will conduct the evaluation.

The evaluation may include several elements:

  • Input from all of the individual Congregation Council members
  • Input from peer staff members
  • Self-evaluation
  • A formal rating system
  • An open-ended discussion of the Pastor's career goals
  • Discussion of visioning for the congregation
  • Opportunity for the Pastor to respond

The Staff Support Committee will prayerfully consider the evaluation of each Pastor. They will use the St. Paul's Evangelical Pastor Evaluation to conduct the interview with each Pastor. They will report on the completion of the review of the Pastor to the President of the Congregation Council.


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