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St. John's Lutheran Church
Visitation Pastor - Job Description

Providing pastoral care for the sick and shut-in of the church, through regular visitation and participation in the sacrament of Holy Communion, is an important part of the ministry of Christ's Church. In Matthew 25 Jesus emphasizes the importance of taking care of those who are unable to participate fully in the community. Seeking to be more faithful to the directive of our Lord, the position of Visitation Pastor was established at the annual meeting of St. John's Lutheran Church in February 1999. The responsibilities of this position along with considerations on the part of the congregation for this important work follow.

Visitation Pastor Responsibilities:

  • The responsibilities of the Visitation Pastor include:
  • Visitation of shut-ins of St. John's Lutheran Church.
  • Coordinate the visitation and communion shut-ins by the pastoral staff and members of the Senior and Shut-In Ministry.
  • Attend meetings of the Sr. and Shut-In Ministry.
  • Officiate at funerals (when requested)
  • Assist in hospital visitation
  • Share emergency "on call" with other pastors.
  • Be supervised by the Sr. Pastor and Sr. & Shut-In Ministry.

In addition to these duties it is understood that this position has some flexibility in relation to schedule. (i.e. St. John's is open to this person being gone for extended periods of time with the understanding that the person would make up those hours when they returned.

The Senior and Shut In Ministry has moved to establish a position for a part time Visitation Pastor. St. John's would employ this person on a contract for ministry basis (i.e. no letter of call) for $12.00/hr. for 10 hrs/wk. The cost of the position would be $6,240/yr. plus $477 F.I.C.A. The responsibilities would include:

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